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Conductivity Temperature Depth

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Range, 0-100,000 μS/cm. Accuracy, 0.25% ± 5 μS/cm.
Resolution, 1 μS/cm.
Range, -5°C to 45°C. Accuracy: 0.05°C.
Resolution, 0.01°C.
Range, 0-100 dBar. Accuracy, 0.25% of FS.
Resolution, 0.01 dBar.
Salinity (Derived):
Range, Up to 42 (PSS-78). Accuracy, 0.1 (PSS-78).
Resolution, 0.01 (PSS-78).
Sound Speed (Derived):
Range, 1400-1730m/s. Accuracy, 0.15 m/s.
Resolution, 0.01 m/s.
GPS Accuracy : 10m. ; Sample Rate : 5Hz.
Communications :
Internal BlueTooth Radio (Class 2); up to 10m range.
Dimensions : 2.8″ Dia x 8″H. ; Weight : 1.0 lbs,
GPS: 10m accuracy;
Acquisition time, 1 min. from cold start.
Power : 2 Standard AA batteries for 40+ hr of operation.
Recorder : 15 MB recorder
Good for 750+ casts during typical use.


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